Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park (Huesca)

Home to some of the best hiking in the Pyrenees, the park was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. This is an incredibly beautiful place and one of the most important mountainous areas in Spain, with its deep plunging canyons, dense forests, waterfalls and rivers scattered with Roman bridges, all dominated by the massif of Monte Perdido. See traditional architecture in the villages of Broto and Torla, and enjoy the fantastic fauna this area has to offer such as chamois, marmots, lammergeiers, Griffon vultures and capercaillies. The plants and wildflowers here are very varied and we can find Pyrenean orchids, edelweiss, bear's ears, iris, Poet's daffodil and echinospartum horridum ('horrible broom'). With summits above 3000 metres, the spectacular canyons and the looming Monte Perdido (3355m), this is arguably the most dramatic scenery in Europe.


3 days 275€ (intermediate) or 290€ (advanced).

We will enter the famous canyon of Ordesa, enjoying the different views from the bottom of the valley and from the elevated viewpoints. We will ascend to a prime location, the Punta Cuta, to enjoy the views from its summit before visiting the pure clean waters of the Arazás river to see the stepped cascades of the Gradas de Soaso and the Cola de Caballo waterfall, one of the most beautiful and impressive waterfalls in Spain. Finally we will seek out the tranquility of Bujaruelo and its valley of Ara, where we can find the only great river of the Pyrenees which has no dams and no hydraulic works - a paradise for wildlife.


6 days 485€ (intermediate) or 520€ (advanced).

In addition to the previous 3 day trips, we will visit the other big canyon in the park, the wild and beautiful Añisclo, with a possible ascent. We will explore other notable corners of the park like the lovely mossy beech and fir forests of Turieto or the Pardina del Señor (the latter in autumn to see its magical blaze of colour), the valley of Otal and the cirque of Cotatuero (at advanced level). And if circumstances permit, on the advanced level trip we will ascend the great limestone peak of Monte Perdido - the most popular summit of all the Pyrenean mountain range.