Picos de Europa National Park (Asturias)

This is a monumental limestone mountain range which rises up to more than 2500m in height, situated only a few kilometres from the Cantabrian coast (and its famous beaches) and extremely rich in natural history. Take in the views and natural wonders of the area: extensive beechwoods, river canyons, gorges more than 1000 metres deep, representatives of all the forest bird species of the Iberian peninsula and birds of prey such as the lammergeier and the griffon vulture. This area also supports populations of brown bear, wolf and chamois. And on top of all that, there's the rich local gastronomy to sample: Asturian bean stew, local cave-aged blue cheeses, ciders and much more!


3 days 275€ (intermediate) or 290€ (advanced).

Three day trips visiting the three most emblematic places of the park: the mythical peak of Naranjo de Bulnes (known locally as Picu Urriello), site of many epic achievements in the climbing world, the idyllic lakes of Covadonga, and the unique and breathtaking route through the Cares gorge, a path with sections of tunnel carved into the mountainside.




6 days 485€ (intermediate) or 520€ (advanced).

In addition to the above three day trips, we will further explore the three mountain chains in the park. We can visit the popular spot of Fuente Dé in the Valle de Liébana and its cable car (with an ascent of more than 2500m at the advanced level), Puertos de Áliva where King Alfonso XIII used to stay in the Chalet Real to hunt chamois, and the lonely mining district of Ándara, full of deep pit caves where we can hike to the highest summit of this eastern massif, la Morra de Lechugales (2444m).