Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici National Park (Lérida)

This natural treasure, with peaks that exceed 3000 metres, and around 200 high mountain lakes, ravines, rivers and waterfalls, is a peaceful paradise of clear, pure water. This enchanting landscape supports lammergeiers and griffon vultures as well as golden eagles, capercaillies and dippers, which call the sparkling waters their home. Its breathtaking mountain scenery, flora, Alpine fauna and ancient woodlands are remarkable, as are its important Roman legacy and its famous spas.




3 days 275€ (intermediate) or 290€ (advanced).

Three day trips in which we will cross the heart of the park from the Planell de Aigüestortes to the lovely viewpoint of the valley's best known lake, the Estany Sant Maurici in front of the mountain Els Encantats (2748m). We can then hike up to the remote and picturesque tarns of Gemená, visit the imposing cirque of Estany de Cavallers and on the advanced level trips, climb the 3000m at the Punta Alta de Comalesbienes (3014m).




6 days 485€ (intermediate) or 520€ (advanced).

In addition to the above three day trips, we will go to the valley of Sant Nicolau at the entrance to the park, where we can explore the high part of the much quieter area of Vall de Boí, surrounded by steep mountains, and its old glacial cirque with the lakes of Pessó. We can then go on to take in the stunning panoramic views and lakes of the Port de Viella area.