Posets Natural Park - Maladeta (Huesca)

Located in Aragon and home to the highest peaks of the Pyrenees (the highest point is el Aneto at 3404m) and the most extensive glacier that still exists in the Iberian peninsula, the park extends along the valleys of Barrabés, Chistau (Gistaín) and Benasque. In the latter, which is the most spectacular and covers the biggest part of the park, we centre our activities. We'll focus our activities in the valley of Benasque, which is the most rugged and beautiful of the Pyrenean valleys and covers the largest area of the park. The valley offers a great variety of birds such as lammergeiers, capercaillie, yellow-billed choughs, alpine accentors and wallcreepers with their striking crimson wings, plus other important species such as chamois and marmots.



3 days 295€ (beginner) or 325€ (intermediate)

Three day trips starting from the Llanos del Hospital ski centre. We will walk at the feet of the mighty el Aneto and look for the sarrios (chamois of the high mountain) in the lonely glacial valley of Remuñe before visiting the stunning valley of Estós, where the capercaillie lives.




6 days 550€ (beginner) or 575€ (intermediate).

In addition to the above three day trips, if conditions allow, we will hike up to the tarns of Batisielles to see the beautiful wild scenery there. We will explore the wide valley of Lliterola and see the volcanic Sierra Negra with a possible ascent to Picalbo (2279m) close to Cerler, where we can find unforgettable views of the mountain ranges of Maladetas (Aneto), Posets and Perdiguero.