Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park (Huesca)

Home to some of the best hiking in the Pyrenees, the park was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. This is an incredibly beautiful place and one of the most important mountainous areas in Spain, with its deep plunging canyons, dense forests, waterfalls and rivers scattered with Roman bridges, all dominated by the massif of Monte Perdido. See traditional architecture in the villages of Broto and Torla, and enjoy the fantastic fauna this area has to offer such as chamois, marmots, lammergeiers, Griffon vultures and capercaillies. With summits above 3000 metres, the spectacular canyons and the looming Monte Perdido (3355m), this is arguably the most dramatic scenery in Europe.


3 days 295€ (beginner) or 325€ (intermediate).

We will explore the great and striking canyon of Ordesa, admiring its waterfalls and sheer rock walls, and also viewing the canyon from the Pico Mondicieto. Finally we will move on to Bujaruelo and its famous medieval Romanesque bridge over the river Ara, from where we can walk to the valley of Otal.



6 days 550€ (beginner) or 575€ (intermediate).

In addition to the above three day trips, we will visit the remote and scenic valley of Ordiso, and take you on two special routes which give spectacular panoramic views of the park. On the intermediate level trip, we can ascend to the Pico Pelopín from where we can enjoy first class views of the central Pyrenees.