Sierra de Guadarrama National Park (Madrid)

Less than one hour from Madrid, the Sierra awaits with its Alpine peaks, glacial lakes, swathes of natural pine and oak forests, ancient yew trees and abundant wildlife. Home to birds of prey like the magnificent Spanish imperial eagle, booted and short-toed eagles, black vultures and the impressive griffon vulture, you can also spot mountain goats and, if you're very lucky, a wolf - a shy animal and often difficult to find.
The Sierra also boasts a rich cultural heritage, as kings, nobles and clergy all chose these mountains in which to build their palaces, fortresses, monasteries and churches.



3 days 260€ (beginner) and 285€ (intermediate).

Three days exploring the area between Madrid and Segovia through the incredible scenery of the Siete Picos mountain range and Navafría. And we will explore the Peñalara Massif, heart of the park, with a possible ascent to its summit.




6 days 460€ (beginner) or 485€ (intermediate).

In addition to the above three day trips, we will visit the Scots pines, signature tree of the Sierra, in the areas of Cotos and Cabezas de Hierro and then explore the moorlands of the high mountain of Puerto de La Morcuera.